Een IoT Temperatuur Sensor Koppelen Aan Exact Online [VIDEO]

Elwin van der Laan

connecting to exact online

Last week we showed you how we installed a temperature sensor to a heating system on a test location. In case you missed it: check it out here. This week we performed the actual test. The heating system was manually switched off on the test site and BuzzerBase did its thing. First we connected the temperature sensor to BuzzerBase using our … Read More

Temperatuur Sensoren Installeren [VIDEO]

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installing a temperature sensor

A couple of days ago we were contacted by a heating maintenance company in the Netherlands. They experience failures and feel that their service engineer response time, so also the customer down-time, could be reduced drastically. Currently their customers, which are mostly organizations that exploit office buildings, give them a call when they notice that their heaters aren’t working. This support … Read More

Wat Is BuzzerBase? [VIDEO]

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What is BuzzerBase?

Are you wondering what BuzzerBase is all about? We created the video below to give you a very high-level idea of what BuzzerBase is and does. Of course, this is a very broad video and we will definitely go into all the bits and bytes later. BuzzerBase is a cloud solution that connects IoT sensor data to business software solutions, like … Read More