Installing a temperature sensor [VIDEO]

Elwin van der LaanBuzzerBase

installing a temperature sensor

A couple of days ago we were contacted by a heating maintenance company in the Netherlands. They experience failures and feel that their service engineer response time, so also the customer down-time, could be reduced drastically. Currently their customers, which are mostly organizations that exploit office buildings, give them a call when they notice that their heaters aren’t working. This support … Read More

What Is BuzzerBase? [VIDEO]

Elwin van der LaanBuzzerBase

What is BuzzerBase?

Are you wondering what BuzzerBase is all about? We created the video below to give you a very high-level idea of what BuzzerBase is and does. Of course, this is a very broad video and we will definitely go into all the bits and bytes later. BuzzerBase is a cloud solution that connects IoT sensor data to business software solutions, like … Read More